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Well, we thought nobody will come here

Since you're here, let's see how much we can help :)


Who or What is is a creative movement that begin with a vision of Dani Syaifi to create a portal where world could learn more about Indonesia. 

We are team of two, Dani and Roro. The producer and director of DYKI. 


I see infographics on every corner on this website, can i use it for my project?

Definately, you even can use our infographics for travel guide, reference, presentation, map, or find something cool. 


What can we expect from

We do our best to collect data and information related to Indonesia, and we will provide information in very easy, creative and we put our best effort to provide more and more details about anything related to indonesia


I saw donation box, what does it for?

As we know, Indonesia is a nation that consist of hundreds of thousand islands. to provide more details to the audience we will need your support. Donations could be an article, infographics, motiongraphics or even money. Any kind of your help will significantly improved our service.


What lies on future?

We haven't have the answer yet. But we really hope to see you come to Indonesia in the future and we will be there to help with good ol' Indonesian's smile.