Image Description

Please allow me to introduce myself or DYKI is an online media contains any information related to Indonesia. DYKI positioning itself as a portal that collects information about Indonesia, during which only scattered on the internet pages. In addition DYKI also explore the diversity of Indonesia so that the world can see the real potential of Indonesia. Information that is creatively packaged into infographic, motiongraphic, short documentary and photography.

DYKI categorize the information to be: places, beauty, history, flora and fauna, culinary, art, tradition, culture, traveling and people. DYKI retrieve data from reliable sources in the virtual world and go directly look into the field in order to provide information and data that is clear, tangible and presented attractively. That is, information and data present DYKI can be used as reference materials and guidelines during a visit to Indonesia.

With the presence of the media DYKI as familiarizing Indonesia to global ears, expected the world community can open his eyes so that they can be loved Indonesia and could make Indonesia one of the favorite destinations when traveling. Target markets are on the go global. DYKI should be able to follow the trend of creative, therefore, the image constructed and represents a market should be reflected in the heading.

Enjoy the experience and see you on Indonesia.